Tuesday, 12 June 2012

miniature cup tutorial~

 1. Get a cover from any tiny bottle

2. Apply a thin layer of oil, then put some talcum clay in the cap. Recommend to use talcum clay as the clay is harder when it dry, and can fix by using sand paper.

3. Press the clay with finger.

4. Use a round edge brush to make a deep hole and make the clay thin enough for the cup wall

5. There will be some extra clay when you press the clay.

6. Remove the extra clay with tools.
7.After remove the extra clay, leave it dry.

8. After it dry then take the clay out from the cap.

9. Use sand paper to smooth the surface and crack part.

10. Make a cup handle by rolling the clay into long shape, then curve it.

11. Stick the handle on the cup and it's done~ You can color the cup or draw some pattern on the cup using acrylic color, after that apply a layer of varnish coat to make it look more real, you can add some drink inside also ^^

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