Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lace glue tutorial~

This is the lace glue~

1. Take a little amount of lace glue and apply even on the soft mold

2. Use some hard and straight things like ruler or name card to scratch away the extra glue, put the extra glue back into the container, don't waste right? hehe.. DO NOT scratch too hard or the glue become too thin and hard to remove, sometimes you will see some small hole that never fill with glue, just apply some more glue and scratch to and fro again..

3. Finish~ leave it dry for at least 10 min

4. Pull the glue out when it completely dry, DO NOT pull the glue when it haven dry through yet, it will stick to the mold

5. This is the 1st time i use the glue, not so perfect   (>.<)   but can remove the extra glue using tweezer, is time to do more practice, hehe..

Taa daa~ that's all ^^
You can decorate using it on the cake or table or clothes or anything else =)

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