Friday, 15 June 2012

Cute ladybug tutorial~

1. Prepare white, red and black color clay, and a toothpick

2. Roll the red clay into round shape, then use the toothpick to make a line in the middle of the red round clay.

3. Take small amount of black clay and roll into 6 mini balls.

4. Flatten the black ball clay .

5. Apply some white glue on the red ball,, then paste the black dots on it.

6. Broke the toothpick into small piece, then roll a small black ball and poke the toothpick inside.

7.  Put the head on the red body.

8.  Roll 2 mini white and black ball and flatten it, then paste on the ladybug head to make it as eyes~

9.  Roll 2 black long shape to make the antenna of the ladybug.

10. Is done~ you can use any color for the body of ladybug ^^v

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