Friday, 20 July 2012

Flying ladybug tutorial~

1. Prepare white, black and red color clay, and a toothpick. You can use any color you want for the body ^^

2. Roll the black ball into a round shape, then use the toothpick to make a line in the middle of the black ball.

3.Roll the red clay into round shape then flatten it.

4. Cut the middle of the round red circle, don't cut it into 2  >.<

5. Roll 6 mini black ball then flatten it.

6. Apply some white glue and paste the black dots on the wings.

7. Stick the wings on the black body.

8.Make the ladybug head by rolling a small black ball, 2 mini white ball. 2 mini black ball and 1 mini red ball. The 2 mini black and white ball flatten it and paste on the head. After that put a small piece of tooth pick under the head.

9. Put the head on the body and and add on the antenna and its done~ Is ready to use the lady bug to make it as a keychain or decorate your artworks ^^

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