Sunday, 13 November 2011

miniature ice-cream tutorial 袖珍冰淇淋教程

1 . Apply a layer of olive oil to make it easier to remove the clay from the mold
1. 在松饼模上涂上一层油,以免黏土会沾在模型上

2. Put the clay on the mold and flatten it with a rolling stick
2. 把黏土放在松饼模上,用擀棒把黏土压扁

3. Pull out the clay from the mold
3. 把黏土从松饼模上拔出来

4. Crop it out using the wave pattern cutting mold
4. 用波浪形模割出形状

5. After crop out the shape

6. Take out the clay
6. 把黏土拔起来

7. Roll it into a cone shape
7. 把黏土弄成杯形

8. Squeeze cream clay in the cone
8. 挤奶油土在松饼里

9. done
9. 完成

10. Apply deco sauce on the cream part
10. 放一些仿酱汁在冰淇淋上

11. After done, leave it dry by putting a toothpick under the cone and let it stand on a styrofoam
11. 完成后,放一旁让它风干

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